Mr. fill in the blank (xbigjimx) wrote in 7_seconds_tour,
Mr. fill in the blank

7.24.05 Louisville Int airport.

Holy deal you friendly neighborhood recent cavity search victim. Man it has been an ordeal just to get to the gate. Let me start of I had 2 bags to check one a duffle bag the other a road case, now I knew the case was over size and weight but back in the day I could of flirted a little and smiled and gotten the case on board. Well in post 9/11 my looks are worth dooky. So after some switching around of stuff inside the cases I got in on board to the tune of $105!!!! The case only cost me $50 and if the cocksucker on ebay would of shipped it when he was supposed to it would of arrived in Reno by UPS and I would not of had to Fuck with it. Oh well on to Security... well i was carrying on a 4 space rack with some electronics in it and my laptop case. Well the saw me and decided to get the party started the rack case set off all kinds of red flags because of the case and electronics so they wanted to take a good look at it . So they do chemical test on the case and the alarm goes off! there is a chemical trace on the this case. So they start pulling the the case open testing all over the thing my laptop and me behind the screen for a closer look. Now I realize what the test machine is picking up. These cases sit in my basement and I mop the floor with a heave bleach mix or a Ammonia mix which the gas settles on the cases over the year and guess what is in bombs folks ammonia need less to say I am glad I got here early to check in cause I spent an hour in security ahahahah but they gave me a pass to get me aboard after copying down all my info so if i did not have an FBI file before I do now....
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