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7 Seconds show review

The University Star

Maira Garcia, Entertainment Writer

7 Seconds
Emo’s Austin, TX
March 3, 2005

The sounds of old school punk rock filled the crowded and smoky room at Emo’s on Thursday night, giving the newest generation of punk rockers a view of what the veteran 7 Seconds brand of hardcore was like. There were no pale, anorexic boys with shaggy hair swept to one side wearing too tight girl pants at this show, rather a mix of old and young punk rockers with mohawks and spiky jackets. The show was opened up by Black Star Brigade, The Briggs and the Groovie Ghoulies. Each band heightened the anticipation for the headliners 7 Seconds, who were in Austin for the first time in five years. The band put on an amazing show that kept the crowd asking for more at the end of the night.
7 Seconds ripped through songs faster than I ever imagined, playing a total of 23 songs in about an hour. They started off their set old school with “Still Believe” of their 1985 album Walk Together, Rock Together, which got the crowd moving and pumping their fists. Then they went into “All Came Undone” off the new album Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over! and “Not Just Boys Fun” from their first album The Crew, which he dedicated to a man in the crowd who had been to their first show in Austin in 1984.
Throughout the night lead singer Kevin Seconds quipped with the audience about their youth and how just about everyone in the room had not been born when their first album was released. The crowd did not mind though, as they kept yelling for the old songs and the band kept playing them. Everyone in the audience was singing along, bouncing in the pit, or grabbing the mike to sing a part of a song.
When the band finished a song, they asked the crowd what they wanted to hear and a young girl screamed, “99 Red Balloons,” the cover song by Nena that helped to popularize 7 Seconds.
Kevin laughed and said, “You probably heard that song at a Goldfinger concert. I don’t think we will be doing that tonight because we have been tagged with that song.”
The band played several songs off Take It Back, such as “My Band, Our Crew,” “One Friend Too Many,” “Panic Attack,” and “Your Frustration.” One of the most exciting moments of the night came when a fan jumped on stage to sing with Kevin. The fan grabbed the mike and began going through the entire song. Kevin stood in astonishment to side of the stage singing along with the audience. People jumped off the stage into the crowd throughout the set.
When the band played finished up their set with “Walk Together, Rock Together,” punks were arm in arm singing the chorus, “If we can walk together/why can’t we rock together.” Someone took off their bra during the song, threw it onstage which eventually got tossed into the crowd, and bounced around for a bit until falling.
Kevin laughed at the sight and said, “As a band for 25 years, I think that is only the second or third time we have had a bra thrown at us.”
Drummer Troy Mowat jumped off stage and ran outside for a moment. The band was saying their goodbyes and goodnights to the crowd. The crowd however, was not ready to leave and pleaded for an encore. Mowat ran back to the stage and behind his drum kit.
Kevin said, “Guys you have to give us a break, we’re old!” and then guitarist Bobby Adams, bassist Steve Youth and Mowat began to play slowly. Kevin shouted, “You know twenty five years ago we opened up for the UK Subs and nothing has ever been the same.”
Then Kevin began to sing “99 Red Balloons” much to the crowd’s surprise. Everyone went crazy singing to the song. Someone shook up a bottle of beer and began spraying around, as people stagedived and danced in the pit. Finally at the end of the song, the girl who had requested the song earlier in the evening, got on the stage and sang the last line of the song, “And here is a red balloon/ I think of you and let it go.”
One thing that I can say about this show is that every person in that venue was fortunate enough to see one of the greatest hardcore bands that helped to start the scene. Their longevity proves that their music is timeless and still bears relevance, which is why they have managed to continue adding to their fan base for the past twenty five years. Like the band’s motto, their music is not just hardcore, it’s OURCORE and that’s something you could not get at a Goldfinger show.
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That was beautiful.

I've been anticipating the show in Baltimore for weeks. I hope it's as good as this one sounded.
Now THAT was a good fucking review.